Enabling online transformation

As online enablers, we give local entrepreneurs the tools to thrive in today's fast-changing world. We have over 3.3 million customers across Europe using our hosting technology.

Pushing what's possible


Brands across Europe






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Customers in 22 countries*


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Offices across Europe




A market leader in over 
ten countries

* Subject to closing of Loopia Group transaction. Read more.

Growing your business

Our online product range provides growth opportunities to SMEs across 22 European markets, enabling businesses to achieve online success more easily.

We support enterprises of all shapes and sizes, operating as an accessible localised platform open to all.

By working together, we can make growth possible for your business.

Working smarter together

As a market leader for online services, we support entrepreneurs across Europe, helping businesses come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.
We are proud we serve over 3.3 million customers. We are taking the lead in Europe to become the most trusted online enabler, and we realise this can only be done through sharing knowledge and ideas.
Jonas Dhaenens, Founder & President of team.blue

More about us

We are the online gateway to the European SME market and enable local businesses to scale internationally. We’re expanding into new markets by maintaining both a localised presence and a global product offering.
Our team of expert professionals never stop improving and provide leading edge online tools for over 60 brands in 22 European countries, supported by a passionate leadership team with decades of combined experience.

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