Our brands

team.blue operates across Europe, offering best-in-class expertise and services to millions of customers. Our 40+ brands are united by our vision - to make online business simpler.

One team.blue

team.blue is an ecosystem of successful brands working together across regions to provide our customers with everything they need to succeed online.

We are proud of and leverage the diversity within our brands to make us more effective as a group. Our teams speak many languages, operate in different local markets with diverse customer bases, and bring different areas of expertise. We collate and share all this knowledge across the group, using it to strengthen each of our local brands so that they can better support our customers.

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Our brands

We keep our local brands local and often founder-led so that we're always speaking our customers' language alongside honouring and maintaining the values that initially brought them to the brand.

We have 40+ brands across 15 European countries - use our interactive map to see the entities that make up team.blue.

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Our local teams

We have in-region teams in all brand locations, so we're exactly where our customers expect us to be when they need us. Maintaining our local ties is so important to us as a group. So, while our Leadership Team is defining the strategies to shape us and drive us forward as a group, our extraordinary in-region teams bring the brand vision to life and serve and support our customers.

Our impact

We are committed to increasing our social impact, so we will continue to broaden the team.blue ecosystem, working towards being a one-stop provider for online entrepreneurs. Our wide range of products and services give SMEs a robust and secure infrastructure to build and scale their business, allowing them to impact their own markets, create job opportunities, innovate and evolve.

Want to join us?

Is your business ready to join the team.blue family? You could see your company grow even more as part of our group. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden our ecosystem of brands, so reach out and let us make it work.