Where it all began

Our company began in 2019 after merging three customer-obsessed hosting groups: Combell Group, TransIP Group, and Register Group. Since then, many new businesses have joined team.blue, and we are constantly welcoming new brands into the team.blue family.

Where we are now

Since 2019, we have scaled significantly, acquiring many businesses across Europe. This has expanded team.blue's operations to 22 European countries and across multiple new online solutions. Our customer-obsessed team is ideally positioned to enhance SMEs' online growth through innovation, gaining brand recognition so they can attract more customers. 

Our timeline

Register Group (previously known as DADA) is founded in 1995, and its headquarters lay in Florence, Italy, and it has around 750,000 b2b and b2c customers across Europe.

The Combell Group began in 1999 and is a leading digital enabler for entrepreneurs and small businesses in northwest Europe. The group serves nearly 800,000 customers in Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

TransIP Group was founded in 2003 on the idea that automation should make life simpler and easier for customers. TransIP initially focused on self-sufficient technology enthusiasts and over time expanded the group to include a wider range of brands and services, supporting SMEs with broader hosting, managed solutions and connectivity.

Our company was created by merging the TransIP Group, Combell Group, and Register Group in 2019 and provides digital support to SMEs across Europe.

team.blue supported SMEs as the Covid-19 pandemic changed online business forever and expanded geographically into Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria.

Our enhanced leadership team will leverage their decades of industry and market experience to further team.blue operations and execute our ambitious M&A strategy across Europe.

team.blue launched a range of software solutions designed to support our customers while continuing to expand our group's reach across Europe.

We’re just getting started

Our company is proud to serve over 3.3 million customers and intend on becoming the most trusted online enabler in Europe by sharing our knowledge and ideas.

What's new for team.blue?

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