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Our local businesses are often led by their founder, creating an entrepreneurial spirit where all employees can make a difference and affect change where they work in a fun, social environment. Our brands remain empowered to meet the needs of customers, and we are keen to get to know entrepreneurs and founders embracing a similar spirit and values.

We like business that makes a difference

team.blue was founded by best in class web hosting companies seeking to make a real difference for customers and with the ambition to become the leader in their markets. We want to talk to founders and businesses who have the same aspiration and a similar focus. We also team with a broader spectrum of online software companies delivering innovative solutions driving SME online customer success across automation in compliance, marketing, security and everything else in between.

We aim to grow all businesses that join team.blue, whether scaling for international expansion across our huge existing European customer base or building on a current growth plan driven through product innovation, knowledge, support and financing. Whatever your aim, we can help you achieve your goals.

Partnerships built with teams

When you join team.blue, you gain a network of peers, all specialising in their own areas from technical, commercial and business support services. We use these shared skills to connect our teams across Europe, working in tribes and functional business units to achieve goals more efficiently.

All team.blue brands have a strong sense of local identity. We strive to preserve this diversity as it allows us to remain connected to the differences in local markets and customer populations.

team.blue embraced our business plan and vision for the company. They’ve supported our business and our people — our team was thrilled to stay on after joining team.blue.
Will Harrison, Director Hosting Ireland

Teaming – what can you expect?

Expand your business reach

team.blue serves over 3.3m customers in more than 22 countries. Together, we can accelerate your business by expanding its reach into the team.blue customer base. We can create the right commercial strategy that builds value for all customers and for your business. Our teams of experts can work with you to embark into new countries and expand your footprint.

Commercial know how

We help you build a business culture focused on growth, leveraging our group expertise in data and analytics to establish marketing and sales programmes, cutting through competition barriers. We have extensive experience across a range of proprietary and third-party marketing automation platforms, and all that knowledge is openly shared across team.blue.

Product expertise

When we build something brilliant, we don’t want to build it over and over again, so instead, we share. Continuous improvement is critical to ensure our products and services keep ahead of changing customer needs. Our products are accessible across team.blue and are fully supported to evolve and grow.

"Managed WordPress is becoming key to how our customers choose to maintain their websites. Working together on our WordPress product means UK customers benefit from the expertise of an entire European group and ultimately they’ll get a better product experience"

Chirag Patel, CTO UK and Ireland

Security & privacy

Pooling knowledge across team.blue enables our experienced security community to continually share information, ideas, and problem solve together so that no one business ever has to stand alone when facing a new security threat. Adopting new legislation and navigating legal challenges is made easier and more efficient when working with legal and compliance advisors across team.blue.

"When we joined team.blue, our staff gained a huge network of security peers. We get to work collaboratively and bounce ideas off each other in a way that feels we’re not in this alone."

Jakob Flink Schwartz, CISO Nordics

Buying power

When we combine our buyer power, it enables team.blue to leverage new supplier agreements that benefit everyone across the group. Procurement and legal services can help navigate contract negotiations and identify new supplier opportunities outside of region.

Talent management

Whether it’s attracting talent in a challenging employment market, or identifying the best ways to engage individuals in personal growth plans, our network of HR advisors and leaders can help create policies and practices to fully support.

M&A experts

Torsten Hauschildt

Head of M&A

Torsten has been Head of M&A in team.blue since 2020, having built a career as a consultant and developed the M&A/Investment business at United Internet.

Maarten Remmerie

M&A Director

Maarten has been with team.blue since 2019 having built a career in corporate finance and transaction advisory services.

Simon Salomez

M&A Manager

Simon officially joined team.blue in 2021 having launched his own start-up and building a career in corporate finance and transaction consultancy.

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