Our purpose
To help our customers achieve their business potential by connecting them with the world

Our purpose is why we, team.blue, matter. We will achieve our vision through our mission and our defining values.

Our vision
To make online business simpler

Our mission

To unite our technology skills, diversity of thought and local expertise to deliver competitive edge through online products and services

Our values

Customer first

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Our customers see us as an extension of their team, and so do we. By working towards shared goals, we deliver high-quality results that meet our customers' expectations.

Our day-to-day work has a real-world impact on millions of customers all across Europe. We have a well-managed portfolio of international brands and look to form long-term partnerships by earning your trust and loyalty.

Trusted collaboration

We're stronger together, and we trust each other to do the right thing.

At team.blue empowerment is fundamental to everything we do. We believe in the power of small businesses, teaming up with local entrepreneurs to enable their online success.

Empowerment means working towards a shared company culture. Our local businesses are often led by their founder, creating an entrepreneurial spirit where all employees can make a difference and effect change where they work in a fun, social environment.


We tell it like it is and keep minds and doors open.

We are open and transparent with each other and our customers about where we are, where we are going and the challenges we face.

We are open to listening and learning from each other and remain clear about giving everyone a voice and communicating what is expected of every individual.


We treat each other with respect and regard.

Since day one, diversity and embracing our differences have been core to us at team.blue.

Local people, local languages. Our very business model is centred around the diversity of where we operate and the diversity of customers that come with it. We employ people from all backgrounds, offering an environment that embraces our employees' whole, unique selves, and allows everyone to thrive.

Pace & momentum

We're always thinking, 'what's next?'.

Though our teams work locally, we know we can only be at our best if we share learnings and best practices with each other globally to deliver the best possible service for you.

Our strong track record has allowed us to optimise how we work across all areas of our business so that we can keep focusing on moving forward.

Code of Conduct

At team.blue, our Code of Conduct is our daily behavioural blueprint, guiding our commitment to creating a workplace where employees are happy and proud and feel cared for.

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