Business acceleration

Joining means brands instantly gain access to a network of industry professionals supporting project delivery, mentoring, coaching, change management and more.

Learn how already successful businesses have accelerated growth through marketing, channel access and corporate support services.

Marketing expertise transforming performance

A focus on service delivering high customer satisfaction always underpinned the success of Hosting Ireland. With the support of, a new marketing programme quickly transformed market penetration and top line growth.   

Customer satisfaction remains high and staff retention has remained at 100% since joining

Find out how working in partnership with the existing team has delivered impressive customer and revenue growth. 

Product partnership accelerating business

Award-winning, beautiful products are the cornerstone of WebNode, but continued success in a crowded online space cannot rely on product excellence alone. Working with is opening access to potential customers for WebNode and creating a product opportunity across the group's portfolio brands.

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Corporate support helping entrepreneurs thrive 

Leaders of businesses experiencing hypergrowth are often time-poor and struggle to introduce scalable governance structures into their business operation. legal, finance, HR and M&A functions provide coaching and practical support across our portfolio of thriving brands, meaning that our entrepreneurial leaders can focus on developing the core business model.   

Learn how Vimexx has established greater internal structure with enabling management to maintain focus on a winning product proposition.