Jonas Dhaenens

Founder & President

Jonas is a highly pragmatic, self-made entrepreneur with an impressive track record beginning when he was just 16 with the launch of Combell, a Belgium based web hosting company that continues to thrive today.  

Through his leadership, is delivering a successful ‘buy and build’ strategy, fuelling impressive growth and forging new paths into emerging segments set to play a critical role in the group’s evolution.  

Prior to co-founding, Jonas disrupted the European hosting industry by leading 80+ M&A deals in both mass-market (multiple brands including Combell) & enterprise managed hosting (Sentia brand), under the umbrella “Intelligent Group”. In 2018, Intelligent Group split into 2 separate hosting groups servicing different customer audiences, each being one of the largest in Europe in their segment.  

In 2019 while continuing as CEO of Combell Group, Jonas co-founded by merging Combell Group, TransIP Group and Register Group. 

Jonas is also a Private Equity investor in multiple tech/non-tech companies and acts as a board member for some of them.