Dieter Wemel

Chief of Staff

Dieter joined to increase effectiveness of the leadership team as they realise the company vision.  He focuses on teams working together across the group, taking the lead in many cross-functional projects.  

After graduating as a Master of Science in Engineering, Dieter started his career as a process improvement engineer at Bekaert, where he quickly grew to be a plant manager of Bekaert’s fibre division.  

That is where – according to himself – he learned the importance of “not only having a good idea, but building an army of people who want to help and drive the change”. Being inspired by that thought, he joined the McKinsey Implementation branch in 2015.  

Having been a project manager McKinsey for 5+ years, Dieter has aided several top teams worldwide to achieve their most challenging projects, operational transformations, and organizational change. He joined to drive change from within a company, rather than as a consultant.