.From small seeds to mighty trees

. Dream big and do bigger

You might not have heard about us, which makes sense, because we are recently born from three customer obsessed European hosting partners: Combell Group, TransIP Group and Register Group.

We live in ten European countries and we act under several brand names – with a bloodline that represents total commitment to our customers.

We see ourselves as digital explorers, having digital adventures that are only limited by your ambitions and the concepts that are created in your mind. We create digital products and services that are constantly improving and moving on the sophistication curve, enabling you to facilitate in your borderless ambitions and ideas. What does this mean? It means that we are in continuous dialogue with our customers to understand their needs and make sure we can empower them. Automated, face-to-face or digital, always with respect to their wishes and, evenly important, to their privacy.

We are both curious and trustworthy. We understand the world has evolved into a sharing economy, and think we need to set an example. We truly care about people, about the world, about sharing. Our focus is about rethinking the consequences of innovation and whether that fits in the way we want to act.

It’s all about you. Our products are designed for your needs, whether you have a successful webshop, manage high numbers of domains or are working on the latest AI solution for educational purposes. We automate the hell out of our services, it’s in our veins. Because it enables us to use that precious time to innovate further, and it prevents us from making mistakes. Again, all for the better of our customers.

Finally, we are proud we serve over 2 million customers. We will take the lead in Europe to become your most trusted digital partner and we realize this can only be done by sharing knowledge and ideas.

team.blue is the compelling idea behind several of the greatest European digital brands. Welcome to the journey!